Political Science Professor Makes Annual Point

CHAPEL HILL, NC — After only a few weeks of school, Political Science professor Mike MacKant has made his annual point.

“Usually, I vaguely describe the assigned readings and kind of rant,” said MacKant. “And then, once a year, I’ll make a point.”

Students celebrated the point by switching from Facebook to their previously empty Microsoft Word documents. “It was so nice to actually save something after class,” said Sharon Twain, a junior student in MacKant’s International Relations lecture. “Usually I just delete the notes page I had opened and remember to read before the midterm. It’s never mattered until today.”

Knowing when the point will be made is still a guessing game, said sophomore Kristina Gass.

“I actually took a Fall class with him when I was a freshman,” Gass said, “which was unfortunate, because he made his point during the Spring semester that year.”

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