Thank You

Thank you to all our readers. The Minor will not publish any new articles. We are going to take this week to do a retrospective.

It is not that we are out of ideas. Here’s a few to prove it: um…like… Waffle House, Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe Waffle on Waffle Prices; Granville Towers Annexed by Wake Forest; Binary Code is a Problematic Binary by Liberal Arts Student; Failing Sweet Frog Business Holds Sweet Frog Benefit Night; and something about Dey Hall looking like a high school (Dey High…Sky High?).

Alright, they aren’t the best, but we could have gotten through a few more weeks. So just back on down and let us get to the point.

We’re done because things should end when they should end.

The Minor was created almost two years ago, and many articles ago, by a few friends. Two of the four that created the organization are graduating. We have more writers now, a robust organization of six, but The Minor is not an institution, it’s just us in a room.

We hope it was fun and funny, we worked hard to try and make it that way. We hope that our articles brought joy instead of sadness, we hope we were properly satirical more than mean, and we hope that articles started important discussions.

We saw your reactions to many of our articles. It was unbelievably heartening to have our work enjoyed by so many people. And when an article was not appreciated, we took those criticisms to heart as well. We are not perfect, but we were anonymous because we felt The Minor should speak from the perspective of a fly on the wall.

Even if you hated us, there’s a silver lining: all the advertisements on our website were put there to raise money for the Sunflower County Freedom Project. They do great work in Mississippi to help teach children. Here is a link to their website with additional opportunities to donate. We have sent down one check and we’ll be sending another in the following weeks.

Mainly, we want to thank everyone. This organization has meant a lot to us and many of you have shown love and appreciation for our work. We did not expect this to happen. We hope we made your lives better in some small way, even if it was just one chuckle on a hard day.

Thank you,

The Minor

Jacob Rosenberg

John Cruickshank

Ross Slaughter

Fedor Kossakovski

Griffin Unger

Erik Schoning

the crew

A special thank you to Mark Taylor and Jack Denton who helped create the original idea for The Minor and all our close friends and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

    • Y’all posted some of the funniest, spot on (see: Environmental Science Major in Fraternity Has Another Funky New Patagonia) articles I’ve ever read. I’m in a fraternity and hate all the Total Frat Move/Bro Bible/”‘merica”/croakies/pastel shorts/visor bullshit that gets spread around all the time, but loved every article The Minor published, greek-life related or not.

  1. You came at a time when this school needed some self deprecating satire and just a chance to laugh, some articles may have been a bit harsh, but that’s the way humor goes. Sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers to get your comedy out there. I hate to see you go, but understand your reason for leaving. I’ve loved your humor, and to all of you, keep being funny in all your future endeavors.

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