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The Minor is an idea.

A purpose.

A vision.

A hope.

We are filling a hole that has always needed to be filled. We combine synergy, energy and entrepreneurship. We are the climax, the zenith, of the millennial age’s unabashed enthusiasm and creativity–brimming with potential and coursing with the strong flow of freedom.

If we see a problem, we solve it. If we see an issue, we attack it. We start non-profits and wear Toms. We are lens flares and Instagram pictures of people volunteering in Africa. We are Mumford & Sons. We are attractive people who shop at Urban Outfitters. We run into oceans while music soars. We have unlimited data, and we are not afraid to share. We read Vice. We want to live in NYC, but never will.

We spend most of our day on Facebook. We are here to make fun of people.

We are also proficient in Word.

One thought on “About

  1. Dear #TheMinor,

    Your articles make me laugh! Thank you for continuing to let me read something that fills the absent void left by giving up the onion for lent without making me feel like I hate my parents!

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