Clef Hangers Concert to Raise Clef Hangers Awareness

Chapel Hill, NC– Describing the cause as “direly important,” and “the one we’re most passionate about,” spokesman Phillip Lewiston announced today that the Clef Hangers, UNC’s oldest a capella group, will hold a concert to raise awareness for the Clef Hangers, UNC’s oldest a capella group.

The concert will be on Saturday, October 5, at 8:00 pm in Carmichael Arena. Lewiston said that the Clef Hangers have decided to call the concert simply “The Clef Hangers,” a name that he said is meant to reflect the centrality of the group’s chosen cause.

“When you cultivate a public profile as great as ours, you can’t help but feel obligated to use it to do something worthwhile,” Lewiston said. “With a certain level of notoriety, giving back just becomes common sense. I think that’s a perspective shared by every Clef, and it’s the reason we’re so excited to raise awareness for this wonderful cause.”

The Clef Hangers have been close to the hearts of the Clef Hangers for generations. In fact, every Clef Hangers concert since the group was founded in 1977 has been devoted primarily to raising Clef Hangers awareness.

“The Clef Hangers are so refreshing,” said freshman Callie Mitchell, as she waited in line for concert tickets. “I can’t think of another campus group so dedicated to its cause.”

With a line-up set to include such classic Clef Hangers numbers as “Halleluajah”, “Blue and White”, and “Africa”, the upcoming concert will also feature skits and monologues designed to tie the evening together under the theme of Clef Hangers awareness and draw particular attention to certain under-publicized aspects of the Clef Hangers, such as their playfulness and wit.

Lewiston noted that the majority of ticket proceeds will benefit the Clef Hangers.

The Clef Hangers are “more than willing to donate their time and talents” to their chosen cause, Lewiston added, as he pictured himself singing on stage. “As a Clef Hanger, it’s hard not to get excited about raising Clef Hangers awareness,” he said. “Ultimately, it’s why we’re all doing this.”

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