Parents Quietly Accept Middle Child’s Decision to Declare EXSS Major

Cary, NC – John and Alexis Emerson had little to say last weekend when Jacob, the second of their three children, announced his intention to pursue an exercise and sports science degree.

“Jake played football in high school, but he never had Michael’s talent,” his father explained, referring to his first-born son. “I mean, Jake watches a lot of sports and ESPN is his homepage. At least this is something.”

Jacob’s younger sister Lauren was also quiet during the dinner conversation. Afterwards, she reported that EXSS was a good major for Jacob because “the 3 he got on the AP Bio exam could really give him a head start.”

The Emersons noted that Michael and Lauren were both ambitious, gifted students “so it’s not like we need Jake to pay for our retirement or anything, we just don’t want him living in the basement. EXSS is a good major for that.”

When asked why he wanted to become an EXSS major, Jake responded “I’ve always been interested in physical therapy.” Sources close to him were skeptical.

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