After BOG Recommendation to Shut Down Poverty Center, Campus Liberals Devastated by Loss to Duke


CHAPEL HILL, NC–Since Wednesday, when a Board of Governors working group recommended closing UNC’s Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity, liberals across campus have been outraged and outspoken, voicing their “confusion, disappointment, and dejection” at the Tar Heels’ 90-92 overtime loss to Duke.

“I still can’t believe it happened,” said junior women’s and gender studies major Brian Teff. “This is a sad, sad day for North Carolina.”

The Poverty Center, headed by the outspoken Gene Nichol, was recommended for closing because of its “advocacy.” Nichol could frequently be found in the pages of the News & Observer criticizing the current Republican administration’s role in creating an increased rate of poverty in North Carolina.

The center receives no state funding and is funded entirely by private groups.

“It’s just not like our school to end something like that,” said Gregory Townes, political science major and member of Young Democrats. “How could we just let that lead slip so late in the game, it’s ridiculous! Roy has to call a timeout or something!”

Many have also attacked the recommendation to continue reviewing the Center for Civil Rights, which is also being taken to task for its advocacy activities.

“In my view they have to speak! They have to be talking about these things,” said Kristen Grason, public policy major. “I mean that’s how you let Tyus Jones destroy your defense, because you’re not talking out there!”

Some have said it is simply a problem of personnel.

“I mean we have no real leaders right now, no one to steer the ship. Everyone’s afraid to do something, but they don’t realize that’s the only way you become an actual leader,” said Tristan Wright, a senior history major. “I mean at least Brice is out there giving us the right amount of hustle.”

With the continued review of more centers, and the closing of the Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity on the horizon, some still have hope.

“I mean maybe next time we could actually get out there and make this matter, get in the streets together and ask for change,” Wright said. “I really hope I get to rush Franklin. Go to hell Duke!”

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