Hitting on Hot Topics: Action Against Climate Change

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Op-ed contributor Brant Boswell offers his take on current events. Today, he considers the recent swell of public support for action against climate change. 

by Brant Boswell | The Minor

The climate march in New York City the week before last was a super huge deal. I mean, it was so inspiring to see–

Oh, what? You went to that? No way.

Haha wow. You’re just amazing to me, that’s amazing. Can’t believe you did that. But that is such a “you” thing to do.

That is just fucking amazing. I mean, what was it like?

Yeah. Yeah? Wow.

No, I actually already saw the pictures you put on Facebook, but, no, I hadn’t heard, like, from you that you were there, you know what I mean? Were you on the news, then?

Haha, it’s like, all the news cameras were after you I bet. Someone just, like, radiating passion for these issues. Just, like, “I want to talk to this beautiful person who is so intelligent, passionate and committed while also being tons of fun to be around.” Bet they were after you the whole time.

Totally, totally. 100% agree.

This climate change, it’s serious, isn’t it? I mean, it’s like really real now. You know that, though, obviously. I feel like people… just don’t talk about real things anymore, so, yeah, this is great. And you know so much about, like, everything.  You are just one of those people who I have the most real conversations with on campus. I mean, I think we just have a good energy together–

Oh, haha, no I didn’t mean to make a pun. Haha the energy crisis, wow. I just was saying I really think our talks are important, like we communicate on another level. People are so afraid to be real, that’s what I like about you.

Yes! Finally someone is saying it! The environment is a real issue. I don’t have to tell you that.

That, divest from coal? You know what, I was just about to say–that’s so funny, totally that, too. That might be the most important part, actually.

Mmm, definitely.

This is so random, but do you use some, like, special conditioner on your hair, like, one that is organic?

Haha, no? Wow, it’s just naturally that amazing. Wow. I’m sorry, I just noticed. I mean, not that I haven’t noticed before, though, it’s like every time I see you. You look great.

Climate ch–you’re right. It is an issue of social justice. I, oh my god, I never thought about it like that before. Yes. You have this perspective that’s just like filling me up. It’s like there’s this chemistry, just being around you, that’s putting me on the same wavelength, too.

So, and I mean this like super seriously: what action should we take? Like literally, what should you and I do next? Right now? About climate change, or, you know, anything.

I just realized I don’t have your number, we should exchange contact information and keep this discussion going.

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