Frat Court Institutes More Inclusive Assault Policy

frat court assault policy

CHAPEL HILL, NC–In an effort to expand who is assaulted at Fraternity Court and how, a new, more inclusive, assault policy was enacted last Thursday night, when junior Dalton Miller was punched multiple times after entering the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

“We’ve been doing assault for years here,” said Brandon Triston, who spearheaded the new policy, “but it’s been largely sexual or part of the pledge process.

“We just came to the conclusion: we can do so much more,” he said.

The policy, which previously focused on pressuring persons far past the point of intoxication into sexual intercourse and abusing pledges while playing loud music, has expanded with an emphasis on physical, non-pledge and transfer student assaults.

“The new policy just adds to our distinguished legacy here,” said Rex Trezler, a resident of Fraternity Court. “It’s [a legacy] we couldn’t maintain without the University’s willful negligence.”

Darron Sachenheimer, head of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said he could not comment on the new policy. He winked and pointed to his framed fraternity shirt on the wall.

When asked if the new policy could expose them to additional risk, Fraternity Court members were unconcerned.

“We know how to create a culture of victim blaming when it comes to assault,” said Wilson Noron, a member of the committee that developed the policy. “Frat Court has always excelled at that.

“And that culture goes unchallenged because every authority on campus has a vested interest in protecting our reputation,” he said.

Triston expanded this defense of the new assault policy.

“Calls to roll back [the policy] don’t take into account our ability to fall back on arguments of tradition, property rights and personal responsibility,” he said. “Plus, I can always call my dad.

“It’s not like the police are going to give a fuck,” he added.

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