High School Senior Just Accepted to UNC Celebrates with Family Dinner at Applebee’s



HIGH POINT, NC–High school senior Derek Brotwin celebrated his acceptance to UNC last night with a family dinner at the local Applebee’s. After he told his parents of his acceptance, they were adamant that they all commemorate the occasion with a trip to “the ‘Bees.”

“When Derek ran out of his room, yelling ‘I got in, I got in!’, I immediately knew we were all headed for ‘What’s Good in the Neighborhood,’” said Brotwin’s mother, Terri. “Luckily, Applebee’s menu is chocked full of 2 for 20 deals, making it affordable for the whole family. Their commercials say, ‘See you tomorrow?’ More like see you tonight!”

Ever since Brotwin was in elementary school, he and his family have celebrated milestones in the corner booth of the local Applebee’s.

 “We even came here when I took 6th place in my Boy Scout troop’s Pinewood Derby,” said Brotwin from under the brim of his newly purchased UNC baseball cap his father had made him wear inside the restaurant. “I always get those tasty onion rings.”

According to Brotwin’s friends and family, UNC was his top choice of university. His application emphasized both his willingness to explore new things and his determination to stay true to himself.

“Derek will be a great fit for UNC,” said Brotwin’s father, Keith, as he placed an order for “some steak quesadilla towers to start it off right.”

“I don’t normally splurge on food like this,” he added, “but at Applebee’s you’ve got fair prices AND that fine dining feel. They understand what a family needs.”

After ordering, Derek’s parents made his acceptance known to Lisa, their waitress, who responded with the honest grin of a friend, as all Applebees employees do.

“Actually, let me get a beer too, Lisa,” Derek’s father said smirking. “Maybe a certain student accepted to UNC I know deserves a sip. Just one though!”

The night was filled with laughter, potato twisters, and the occasional visit from manager Dan Ludwig, checking in to see if everyone was enjoying their meals. After hearing Terri joke that her “big college man” should pay the check, Dan realized that Brotwin would be heading off to school in the fall.

“Don’t party too hard, son,” said Ludwig to Brotwin. “From what I’ve heard, those Carolina girls can be a real handful.”

“Don’t I know,” said Derek’s father, laughing and winking at his wife whom he’d met at Carolina. “Our boy is really growing up, I remember when he could barely sit in the booth. Ah, Applebees sure is the place for a moment like this. If I was someone hearing about this I’d make sure to call or locate my own Applebees for similar happy events through their website–Applebees.com. Ahhhhh, good times.”

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