A List You’ll Totally Click On: The 10 BOG Members Who BEST Represent People of Color


Rodney E. Hood

Mr. Hood is a black man who graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1989. President George W. Bush appointed Mr. Hood as the Vice Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration in 2005. Mr. Hood now works for JPMorgan Chase.


Therence O. Pickett

Mr. Pickett is a black man who graduated from North Carolina State University in 1988, and then Duke University School of Law in 1991. Mr. Pickett is now the Vice President of Volvo Group North America.


Scott Lampe

Mr. Lampe, the CEO of Hendrick Motorsports, watched Selma last weekend with his wife.


David M. Powers

Mr. Powers has absolutely no real qualms with working with people of color, and is comfortable riding the elevator with almost anyone in his office.


Thomas J. Harrelson

Mr. Harrelson has shaken the hands of numerous black individuals.


Harry Leo Smith, Jr .

Mr. Smith’s children enjoy Wiz Khalifa, and he often lets them play the hip hop artist’s music when he is in the car.


Doyle Parrish

Mr. Parrish hasn’t said the n-word in “a very long time.”

WLB (3)

W. Louis Bissette, Jr.

When asked to react to accusations that the Board of Governors does not defend the interests of people of color, Mr. Bissete said, “whaaaaaat noooooo.”


Frank Grainger

“My daughter’s orthodontist was a black woman,” said Mr. Grainger. “A real nice lady.”


Ann B. Goodnight

Ms. Goodnight’s name has the word ‘night’ in it, a time of day when the sky looks black.