Carolina Almost as Cold as a Good University

harvard snow

CHAPEL HILL, NC—As temperatures dropped into the single digits last week, students and faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill experienced weather more commonly associated with prestigious universities in the Northeast.

“It was so chilly last week, I had to wear four layers,” said Junior Sally Handler, a New Jersey native. “Now I can wear my Carolina sweatshirt at home without feeling like I settled.”

Professors had a similar take on the situation.

“It’s hard to respect yourself as an academic when your students wear shorts to class,” explained Wendy Daniels, an associate professor in the history department. “All those red noses and scarves were a real ego boost.”

Peter Tugwell, a freshman Morehead-Cain scholar, said that last Thursday was the first time he had not regretted his decision to come to Carolina.

“I always imagined myself braving the cold of Harvard Yard to learn from the world’s greatest minds,” Tugwell elucidated. “Last week, I got at least part of that experience.”

When asked about the cold, Chacellor Fold said it reminded her of her tenure at Dartmouth.

“I almost forgot about the paper classes,” she added.

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