Sophomore Stoners Hold Qdoba Vigil

qdoba vigil

CHAPEL HILL, NC—Standing in front of the vacant Franklin Street storefront that used to hold Qdoba Mexican Grill late last night, sophomore stoners Chris Butler and Tim Marvin held a vigil to remember the recently closed restaurant.

The vigil began on the back porch of Marvin’s apartment earlier that night. The pair, after smoking two bowls, were discussing possible places to eat.

“I said, ‘let’s go to Qdoba,’ and he said, ‘perfect.’ Then we got here and we saw it was closed, and not just because someone threw up in there, but it was, like, closed forever,” Butler said. “We knew we had to hold a vigil immediately.”

Holding up his lighter in solemn remembrance, Butler spoke first.

“Damn this cruel world,” he said, looking into the windows, seeing empty space and the reflection of his own face, a small tear running down it. “You were the best munchy spot and you won’t be forgotten. This is to you, Qdoba.”

He turned and motioned for Marvin to speak.

“We are here tonight to honor Qdoba, we knew each other really well and I’ll miss you. Chipotle is way too far and isn’t open late. Plus the queso is dope here, I mean, was dope here…damn. We’ll just miss you,” Marvin said.

The two decided to sit in front of Qdoba, trading stories of special moments they had experienced with the restaurant.

“Remember the giant soda machine!?” Marvin said. “There were so many kinds of sodas, there was everything. It was hard to navigate high, but it was so worth it.”

Butler nodded his head and laughed a little, swallowing a sob.

“We need to get it back,” Butler finally said. “We need to do something about this–people give a fuck about this place–it’s special, it’s more than just another Mexican restaurant on Franklin Street. It’s a place for our people, it’s a place that is open late and cares about its customers. And we cared about it. We can’t let it just die. We won’t le—“

A large grumble emitted from his stomach, interrupting Butler. The two decided to get some I Love N.Y. Pizza quickly and continue discussing the matter.

“Love this place,” Marvin said. “We have to keep it around, can’t let ‘em take away this pizza spot. It’s under-appreciated.”

Butler, taking a large bite of his pizza, agreed.

“Glad we had this talk, man. Can’t ever let them take away my New York Pizza.”

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