Student Deterred by Attentive Customer Service


CHAPEL HILL, NC–Saying that he “only wanted something quick” and that he “wishes they had just left [him] alone,” Scott Sherman, junior mathematics major, was deterred from revisiting Franklin Street restaurant Top This! after receiving attentive customer service at the eatery on Wednesday evening.

The cordial, off-putting encounter began the moment when Sherman walked alone into Top This, whereupon the owner of the establishment cheerfully welcomed the backpack-wearing diner from behind the counter.

As Sherman reluctantly approached the register after muttering a response, the affable restauranteur asked him “if he had any big tests this week,” and “what he was having today,” questions that made Sherman wish he had ordered take-out to his apartment instead.

After Sherman placed his order, he was twice asked if it was correct, which he both times affirmed, “just so they wouldn’t make it a big deal,” even though he had not, in fact, asked for onions on his sandwich.

After the owner came to Sherman’s table right after his food came to apologize for his five-minute wait, took his drink to the soda fountain to refill it for him, and asked him three bites into his meal how he was enjoying it, Sherman began eating as quickly as possible and avoiding all eye contact with the restaurant staff.

Leaving half of his french fries on his plate, Sherman fled the restaurant as he was being offered a ’10th meal free’ card with the first hole already punched out.

“I’m just going to go to Chipotle from now on,” Sherman said. “They don’t care about anyone.”

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