A List You’ll Totally Click On: The 10 BEST Egg Places On Rosemary Street

Rosemary is the place to go for eggs. But which Rosemary egg joints are the BEST?

1. Breadman’s Restaurant


When anyone talks about eggs on Rosemary, they talk about Breadman’s. YUM!

2. Mama Dip’s


A Southern legend, this lady knows how to cook up some eggs. OMG, meet ya there!

3. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


Jesus Christ, look at those eggs!

4. The Daily Tar Heel


Here’s a quote: “Wow, eggs!”

5. Jeffrey C. West, DMD, General Dentistry


I can’t even. No. These eggs. 

6. Bread & Butter Bakery and Café


Bread + Butter + Eggs = OMGASM!

7. Pi Kappa Phi House


Sooooooooooo gooooood!

8. Pulse Nightclub


#rager #eggs

9. Chapel Hill Parking Garage


Hot parking spots and even hotter eggs!

10. PNC Bank


What does PNC stand for, Pretty Nice Cooking!? These eggs ROCK!

One thought on “A List You’ll Totally Click On: The 10 BEST Egg Places On Rosemary Street

  1. Here is my problem: I don’t know if this is a legit article. I take my egg places seriously, and I’m about to go to brunch on Tuesday with my girls. I can’t afford to try every egg place on Rosemary, but I also can’t afford to humiliate myself in front of my bitches by recommending a thug-wretched egg place. I need to know if these pictures are as scrumptious and egg-cellent as you say! Can anyone confirm??

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