Freshman Excited To Say “Fuck” In Poetry Class

CHAPEL HILL, NC –According to sources close to her, freshman Julie Tidwell has decided to casually say “fuck” during her next Introduction to Poetry class.

“I am beyond ecstatic for the opportunity,” said Tidwell. “It’s about freedom in that class. It’s about ideas and being real. And nothing is realer than saying ‘fuck.'”

The Creative Writing Department has responded positively to the rumors of the upcoming obscenity. Professor and Department Chair Dr. Francis Ninnybottom, commented enthusiastically, “At least we still have funding. If students want to curse, that’s fine. At least we still have funding.”

“I can’t believe she is going to curse in class,” said Tidwell’s friend and fellow freshman Skylar Levine. “College is so crazy!”

At press time, Tidwell was in fetal position on the 3rd floor of Davis Library, rocking back and forth in anticipation of her transgressive utterance.