Students Say Goodbye to Old Chicago $2 Pizza Deal, Old Chicago

old chicago

CHAPEL HILL, NC—Monday, taproom and pizzeria Old Chicago revoked its $2 personal pizza deal, a popular late-night eating option amongst barhopping UNC students. As undergraduates say goodbye to the nighttime bargain, they also say goodbye to Old Chicago.

“I absolutely loved Old Chicago’s $2 pizza deal,” said junior history major Catherine Stuart, a frequent late-night patron of the restaurant. “But now that it’s gone, I literally can’t see myself ever going back there. Really, never again. It’s disgusting.”

According to many UNC students, Old Chicago’s decision to revoke its $2 pizza deal has eliminated whatever interest they once had in the restaurant.

“I’m always down to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for low-quality, $2 pizza,” said senior business major Aaron Roth. “But there is no way in hell I am spending an inordinate amount of time waiting for low-quality, $3 pizza. I’m not an animal.”

“Old Chicago is dead to me,” he added.

According to Old Chicago’s General Manager Jeremy Andrews, backlash against the restaurant’s menu change was expected.

“We know we’re worth more than some late-night, drunken, $2 bargain,” said Andrews, his bottom lip quivering. “And we’re not going to settle for those customers anymore. We’re going to wait for the right customers, the kind that value our pizza at $3.”

Unfortunately for Andrews, things do not seem to be looking up for Old Chicago anytime soon.

“Yeah, never going there,” Roth said. “Just never.”