The Weigh-In: BOG Recommends Elimination of Centers

A Board of Governors panel has recommended the elimination of three university centers, including UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. Moreover, the panel has called for further review of thirteen more centers, including UNC’s Center for Civil Rights. Many are criticizing the process as politically motivated. What’s your take?


“Fifty one years ago, on June 26, 1963, the General Assembly passed the so-called ‘Speaker Ban Bill,’ widely denounced as an egregious affront to free speech and the independence of the University. The close to five-year-long saga surrounding the bill culminated in a court case and a ruling against the Speaker Ban, titled Dickson, et al. v. Sitterson, et al. The lead plantiff, Paul Dickson, was none other than UNC’s student body president. Student government can be a medium for change.”

Andrew Powell

Student body president candidate, 2014


“Who’s going to TOPO tonight?”

Andrew Powell

Student body president, 2015


“I’ll see ya there Andy P.”

Tom Ross

Recently fired President of the University of North Carolina system

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