Gloriana and Earl Sweatshirt to Perform Segregated Homecoming Concerts

segregated homecoming

CHAPEL HILL, NC–In appeal to the diverse musical tastes on campus, the Carolina Union Activities Board announced that this year’s homecoming will feature two racially segregated concerts.

White American country band Gloriana and African American hip-hop artist Earl Sweatshirt will perform back-to-back in Memorial Hall, with a small period in between when white audience members can leave through the front door to Cameron Avenue, allowing African Americans to enter through the back.

“We are incredibly excited to offer a wide variety of music for this year’s homecoming in a new format,” said Israel Marcus, President of CUAB. “One where the separate but equal tastes of all parties can be enjoyed.”

Marcus said that some on campus have felt neglected by past “urban” homecoming performers and will feel more comfortable with the new segregated homecoming.

“Gloriana is just a really safe, fun, family friendly act. They’re my kind of people,” said Trisha Erin, white sophomore History major.

The event, Marcus said, will make campus happy.

“People want different things, and this way everyone gets what they want,” he said.

To publicize the event, CUAB has put posters for Earl Sweatshirt in the entrance area of the bottom of Lenoir and for Gloriana around the rest of campus.

“It’s not that we don’t want to have a concert where the races are mixed,” said Marcus. “It’s just that we shouldn’t force certain students to go to an event they probably aren’t interested in anyway. We are really just talking about freedom. For everyone.”

Marcus said that, leading up to the event, white students can purchase tickets at the main Memorial Hall box office and African Americans can purchase them from the side office.

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