A List You’ll Totally Click On: 4 GREAT Ways to Work Productively


It’s almost exam time again (UH OH!) and that means everyone needs to work productively. Here are 4 GREAT ways to make sure you don’t end up on Facebook (lol we’ve been there) and stay studying.

1. Look at a picture of everyone who has ever believed in you and know you would be letting them down.

If you are getting bogged down in work, just remember that you would be letting down every single person who has ever believed in you. From your parents, who are paying for your education, to the teachers in high school that wrote your letter of recommendations, you’d be letting all of those people down. Every moment you don’t spend working would result in their immediate and long lasting disappointment. ROFLCOPTER! That should help you focus and do well!

2. Never forget that failure is a slippery slope leading to a lonely death.

Always keep at the top of your mind that one failure only leads to another, and if you fail once–at anything–you will end up in a ditch, unidentifiable to any of those who love you. Studies have shown that if you are not perfect that you will die earlier, more horrifically and feel the pain of loneliness as your eternal spirit walks in the ethereal plane. HAHA! That’ll keep your head in those textbooks!

3. Be aware that your life trajectory can fundamentally change.

It can be extremely important to realize that any small mistake can lead to a completely different life. In one world you ace the test and get a good paying job, you golf on the weekends and the kids play out back. Your daughter, Becky, does gymnastics and your son, Sam, has a good right arm for a kid his age. You and your wife make passionate love each night and each morning you are awakened by a sun that seems to never stop shining. In another world you fail the test and you live among the bums that are rumored to haunt Howell Hall. You slowly try to survive under the rule of the Bum King Urzecash, Lord of Howell Hall. One morning, waking around 6:00 am to scatter the old building before workers arive, Urzecash strides with his entourage towards you. Pointing and laughing, he instructs them to kill you for morning entertainment. After your death, they throw your body atop the hall, where no soul has been in 20 years, to rot with the sun. LAWL! I know a story like that will keep you working!

4. Don’t stress!

Studies have shown that stress can lead to poor test results, so make sure to keep calm, cool and collected.

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