Election 2014: What You Need to Know from Last Night’s Debate

by Bobbi Wood and Carly Burns | The Minor



“It’s not like I decided to be gay and undocumented so I would have a chance to win the student body president election. I decided I would have a chance to win the student body president election because I’m gay and undocumented.” – Emilio Vicente

“76 percent of students said they enjoyed lecture style more when surveyed before a flipped classroom course, but 100 percent of them had to suck it the fuck up.” – Andrew Powell

“To truly understand why flipped classrooms worked for me you have to understand opportunity cost. Let’s put it in terms of beer and wine.” – Rita Balaban

“I’m here for class.” – Journalism Major

The Minor’s Index

Number of candidates expected to come to tonight’s debate: 2

Number who did: 1

Percentage of students who understood Economics 101 after classroom flip: 11

Percentage who understand the world better after Economics 101: 0

Number of emojis sent to Andrew Powell by Coursera CEO during debate: 17

Number of times that Emilio said “great question”: 12

Times that he meant it: 2

Number of people at the debate: 120

Of Chi Psi brothers: 20

Value of their haircuts: $400

Decibel level of Emilio supporters’ snaps: 60

Of Powell supporters’ whoops: 84

Number of furtive glances at the old man sitting in the front row: 6

At Hetali’s arms: 15

Headlines from Around the World

Powell and Vicente Agree Ideal Executive Branch Member Would Be “Undocumented, Chi Psi, Gay, Morehead-Cain Scholar”

Manoj Attends Debate

Blind Lemon Jefferson Skips Debate to “Wonder Why They Electrocute a Man at the One O’Clock Hour of Night”

  • Oh Lord

In New Debate Format, Moderators Encourage Candidates to “Play House”

  • “Getting food, doing chores, fixing things, going places, taking care of the baby, feeding the cat: you have to figure out how all that is going to get done.”

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