A List You’ll Totally Click On: Your Friend Group’s 5 BEST Quotes of the Semester


OMG, your friends are always saying these HILARIOUS things! Here are the 5 BEST from this semester.

1. “Susan, the peanut butter doesn’t go in that drawer!” – Trey

She was about to put the peanut butter in the drawer, with like her pencils. Susan. OMG. Classic. #TypicalSuze #ClassicTrey #Witty #Funny

2. “What are we, a bunch a MONKEYS!?” – Mike

We were all ROLLING on the floor when Mike said this. Laughing so hard. Can you believe he would say that? In public at Lenoir?! He was almost yelling!?!?! I bet other people were totally looking and were like, “why are they laughing?” They won’t understand because they aren’t #InTheGroup

3. “Well maybe she should have thought of that BEFORE she had sex with him.” – Rebecca

All I gotta say is #True. I was laughing TOO hard.

4. “Wait, wait, hold up, what?!” – Tim

Confused as always. Just pay attention! Omg, making me laugh just thinking back about it. #ConfusedTim 

5. “I’m just saying, when you think about it, most stereotypes aren’t made up, they come from somewhere.” – Mike

LOLZZZZZZZ. Omg, Mike’s actually such a racist.

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