Exam Stress “Manageable,” Reports Sophomore Comm Major

CHAPEL HILL, NC — Heading back to his room after a few hours studying, Donovan Reftur, sophomore communications major, told reporters that, “all in all, [final exam] stress is pretty manageable.”

Reftur said that he is taking three communications and one political science course, which, while intellectually stimulating, will not cause him too much anxiety this exam week.

“I mean, it’s not that bad. I mainly just have to study a little bit every day and I think it will be fine,” he said.

Reftur has always been adept at managing the pressures of school, according to sources close to him.

“Donovan is usually always down to hang out, even during midterms or finals, when I feel really bogged down. He’ll want to play FIFA or just talk,” said suitemate Kyle Tuyger, sophomore chemistry major. “When I think about it, I’ve never really seen him pull an all-nighter or anything. I think once he had two 5-page papers due on the same day. That was kind of rough.”

Reftur, who holdsĀ a 3.86 GPA, said that he usually understands what his classes are about and does not get terribly stressed out come exam time.

“Usually my classes aren’t focused on memorization,” he said. “I go to class and talk a lot–usually participation is a good bit of the grade–and I’m not a bad writer. Getting good grades is just not really that hard for me, I guess, so finals don’t bug me out or anything.”

At press time, Reftur said that he planned to “just take a study break this whole afternoon,” and watch a movie before getting ready for his Friday final.