Student Nodding Head in Class Completely Lost


CHAPEL HILL, NC — Looking up from his Buzzfeed article on ’10 Famous Kitten Lovers’ this morning, James Fellows, junior Biology major, bobbed his head up and down, pretending he understood every nuance of his statistics professor’s explanation of the root-mean-square error.

“I have total comprehension of the knowledge you are transferring to me,” Fellows seemed to say with his head movements and focused eye contact, even as he failed to grasp the faintest meaning of his professor’s words.

Moving his eyes between his laptop and the professor, Fellows went on to falsely indicate genuine interest and understanding by nodding at multiple points throughout the subsequent portions of the lecture.

“I have no idea what is going on,” thought Fellows, as he squinted his eyes for a moment, paused his nod, and then preceded to nod again, as if now fully grasping the point being made. “Fuck, I hope someone is paying attention whose notes I can grab when studying for the final.”

Sources close to Fellows say he plans to go to office hours this week to nod knowingly in a more personal context.

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