New Google+ Employee: “I Got a Job at Google”


CHAPEL HILL, NC — Gleefully calling his mother after getting a job offer from Google+, Trevor Anderson, senior computer science major, exclaimed, “Mom, you won’t believe it: I got a job at Google! At Google!”

As an analytics expert for the social network, Anderson will be one of the many employees and few users of Google+.

“At Google, I’ll be working on the products that people use everyday,” said the man who will not be, because his job is with Google+. “I can not believe I have this opportunity to continue the life-changing work over at Google.”

After discovering later in the conversation that her son’s position is specifically with Google+, Sharon Anderson, Trevor’s mother, responded, “Oh, that seems different doesn’t it? You kind of got my hopes up, is all. Makes sense it was Google+ I guess.”

Expected to begin work this summer in the Google+ offices in Phoenix, Arizona, Anderson has begun sharing the good news with friends and family via Facebook.

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