New Evidence Reveals Air Bud Took Only Paper Classes During 2009 Season

airbud jersey

CHAPEL HILL, NC–Recently released supplementary materials to the Wainstein report reveal that Air Bud, the starting shooting guard of the University of North Carolina’s 2009 Men’s Basketball team, took only paper classes during the 2008-2009 academic calendar year.

“Air Bud was an incredible talent and a great member of this university, these allegations are shocking and will take time to process,” Bubba Cuningham, chair of the Athletic department said. “He was such a good boy, yes he was.”

Air Bud, who averaged 21.5 points during the 2009 NCAA Tournament, allegedly passed courses for which he attended no lectures, took no exams, and turned in pages of muddy paw prints in the Philosophy Department, the Department of Exercise and Sports Science, and the AAAD Department.

airbud paper

Mary Willingham, who claims she tutored Air Bud, said the problem was more systematic and many of her students had similar issues.

“Many students were unprepared for the college experience whether because of systems of oppression or because, well, Air Bud was a dog, we all understand that, right?” Willingham said. “He couldn’t even hold a pencil.”

Air Bud, who is in his 5th season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, could not be reached for comment.

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