The Talk-Around: Roommates in Craige Dorm

Roommate #1: (walks into dorm to find large tarp on the floor)

Roommate #2: Hey, you’re back so soon, I didn’t…

#1: (sees video camera pointing towards roommate almost naked on tarp)

#2: I actually didn’t know you’d be back soon.

#1: (starts to leave)

#2: But, wait, no, you could actually help me out with this if you want to.

#1: (pauses, girlfriend of #2 walks in)

#2: Oh great Jen, you’re here, we can do this all together. (to #1) I think the people are going to love it. We’ve done one with Jen and me, and she got soaked, but I think people will respond even more with all three of us in it. My uncle encouraged me to do it. He says he just sits around watching them all day sometimes. It’s a lot of clean up afterward, sure, but tons of people watch these things now-a-days, especially if they are a little strange.

#1: (dumps bucket of ice on roommate’s head, cleans up)

#2: Want to go to Ram’s Head?