The Weigh-In: Finals Schedules

Around campus, everyone is talking about how their exam schedules are looking. What’s your take?


“Yeah, mine’s pretty rough. I’m gonna be up all night and then sleep until noon so, you know, I can say I was up all night.”

Trenton Batchwood, Biology, ’17


“I had orgo this morning at 8:00 am, then I have Econ 101 tomorrow afternoon, genetics, Policy 101, and intro to comp sci all on Wednesday, an English paper due on Thursday, a drama final on Friday morning, but that should be easy, then Busi 101 after that, an anthropology final, two more English papers and a creative writing final due Saturday, a marine science take-home due Sunday, and physics, Poli 150, calc II, Psych 101, Comm 400, Econ 410, and analytical chemistry on Monday, but then I’m done. What about you?”

Wilma Stackhouse, Pre-Health, ’16


“Must be why everyone been sayin’ they too busy to see the dead body I gots behind TRU. That’s alright. It ain’t going nowhere.”

Lonnie McGraw, Vagabond


“I live an intense, work-hard, play-hard lifestyle, but whether I’m grinding it out in the library or at the skatepark, I know I can count on the kickass flavor of Mountain Dew Kickstart to tune in and rock out. Mountain Dew Kickstart: Kickstart Your Day™.”

Chad Nitro, EXSS, ’15