Underwhelming Season Finale of POLI150 Leaves Various Loose Ends Unresolved


Chapel Hill, NC–Students enrolled in Professor Thomas Oatley’s  POLI150 class on International Politics walked away from the final lecture with many unanswered questions, disappointed by the course’s conclusion.

“I felt like this class was building towards some kind of epic finale,” said sophomore business major Manny Lovell. “Now I feel like this class was writing a lot of checks it couldn’t cash. What ever happened to the two hegemons that would possibly battle? I feel like that was a major plot hole.”

Other students felt similar to Lovell, hoping for clearer resolutions to many of the class’s looming questions.

“On day one, Professor Oatley promised that this class would enable us to more easily identify the ideological divides between different diaspora cultures,” said freshman political science major Todd Cropper. “To be honest, I still don’t know what the hell that means.”

Many students in the class had joined later in the semester because of their peers’ recommendations and because of Professor Oatley’s reputation on campus as an unpredictable and exhilarating lecturer.

“My friend Sarah told me that I should totally check out POLI150 if only to see Professor Oatley in action,” said junior history major Aaron Carpenter. “But towards week six he just totally hit a lull. I’m glad this course ended before he started bringing in random guest speakers or something to boost attendance. It seems like he already moved on to his projects on the politics of space exploration.”

Despite lowered expectations as the course continued, many students remained hopeful that the final lecture would tie things up, or at least shed light on the mysterious personal life of their professor.

“He was always making strange allusions to his time in the Ukraine,” said freshman journalism major Kaiden Davies. “But in the last lecture, he didn’t even bring it up. What happened to Viktoriya? Did Dmytro ever find out about the affair? I guess we’ll never know.”

“Dammit,” he added. “I was way too invested in that shit.”

Because of overwhelmingly mediocre reviews of the course and its conclusion, Oatley’s POLI150 class will only be offered online next semester. However, Oatley’s legacy continues to thrive at UNC within an extensive underground network of fan art and fiction, both of which seek to explore the inner workings of Viktoriya and Dmytro’s precarious relationship.

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