Sorry to Be “That Guy,” But PLEASE Fill Out My Survey

Guys, sorry to be “that guy,” but I really need some people to fill out this survey, guys. It will only take 15 seconds!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take it.

It’s for my English 105i class–I really need people to fill it out. I would totally do the same for you. We have a paper due on Friday and we NEED research. Everything will be fine if you do it right now, but please do it right now, or I am going to not get this done. Like RIGHT NOW, if you can. We really fell behind, but you have to do this for us–we are depending on you.

All the questions are completely anonymous and it would really help me out :).

Come on guys, just fill it out.

Thanks guys! This is gonna be SUPER helpful to my research!


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