At Lunch after Easter Church Service, Dad Would Have Liked to Know Exactly What Carolina Coffee Shop Employees Found So Funny


RALEIGH, NC – Getting lunch with his wife and two daughters after an 11:00 am Easter service at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on April 20th, dad Gene Ostergaard said that he would like to know exactly what the employees of Carolina Coffee Shop found so funny during his visit to the eatery.

“They were laughing the whole darn time,” Ostergaard reported, “acting like a bunch of clowns on Easter. This is the day of the Lord, not the time for shenanigans–giggling at every darn thing that happened.”

It started when Ostergaard’s waiter, 25 year-old Ryan Howser, asked the man and his family “What would you…um…like? What do you like?” his eyes drooping and red.

“Nice suit, man. It’s colorful,” Howser added, rolling into a slow giggle that lasted for the rest of the ordering process.

Ostergaard’s wife, Karen, insisted that she wanted extra oregano on her club sandwich, prompting Howser to stifle a laugh in his nose, and causing the bartender to loudly cackle for several seconds.

“I wonder what the big joke back there is,” said Ostergaard as he and his family ate their sandwiches after Howser took more than 30 minutes to bring out their order.

Ostergaard’s wife shrugged and his daughter Megan, a sophomore at UNC, avoided eye contact.