I’m ‘Bout To Get Ya


by Three Weeks from Now | The Minor

I see you ‘dere. Getting ready to go out, gonna have a hot time on a Friday night.

Ummmm, I can smell it on ya.

I can smell it on ya clothes, boy.

Oh, I’m gonna get ya. You feel like you don’t haves no work now, but in two weeks, it’ll be me. And I’m gonna beat you down like you stole something, boy. I’m gonna beat you down. You think it won’t be that bad this time.

You spinnin’ tales, boy. I’m gonna get ya.

Jesus rise day before I come, you think that gonna help? It ain’t gonna help none, just get you in a place where you think you safe. I’m still there.

You gonna be in the library so long you think books is your friends. I’m ’bout to runs up behind ya and get ya.

You’re looking at your calendar in your room right now, just starting to see all those finals coming up. Realzin’ dat paper due soon. You think you can do it. You can’t, boy.

That’s me. I’mma stop you from gettin’ dem grades, boy. You gonna fail, boy.


And when I come around, you gonna finally realize maybe you shouldn’t have just been sittin’ on that quad right there this week. Maybe you should’ve been studying, boy—‘cause I’m coming for you and you gonna wish you studied then, boy, YOU GONNA WISH YOU STUDIED!

Look me in da eye, boy.

You look like fresh meat, boy, you look tasty.

I’mma have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week—because you ain’t gonna be eating with ‘dem friends of yours. You gonna eat with a textbook and me. I’m ‘bout to get ya. I’m gonna get ya, ‘till the UL seems like a nice break because it’s not as sad as Davis.

MMMMMMM, I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

Even if you did work ahead, you know I’d still get ya right? You know you can’t plan around me being there, right behind you, getting ya.

I’m comin’ and I’m ’bout to get ya.