Come In, Come In! I’ve Missed You…

By Davis Library | The Minor


Oh goodness, welcome back!

It’s so nice to see you! You’ve gotten so big. Look at you.

Give me a hug. You’re not too big to hug your library. Come here.

You haven’t been out drinking have you? I’m just joking, don’t give me that look. Don’t be embarrassed of your library–I raised you. I’m the one who taught you how to study while the UL was busy trying to be your friend.

Well, we don’t have to talk about the UL.

I’ve missed you so much. This big old library can get lonely when only a few of my students come and see me. I really wish you’d visit more. I’m always here for you. I’ve always been here for you.

You only seem to come when you need me now-a-days.


I made you treats! There are a bunch of books over there.

The UL tells me you have a girlfriend now! How did I not know? He seems to know everything about you. I guess you’d usually rather visit the “fun” library, the one that has a fancy multimedia center and lets you stay up late when you visit, but where is he when you have a final the next day? Full.

I’m sorry. I said I wouldn’t talk about him.

You know I’m only right down the road, though. You could try to keep in touch. When you come back only for finals, it hurts me. I think about you everyday.

Are you too old for me, now? Too cool for me now that you’ve got all these friends?

No, don’t leave. Don’t leave. I just want you to come back more often. That’s not so much to ask. I missed you. You can come study for finals. Here, I’ve kept a desk for you right over here.

I love you, honey.