Seriously Though, Are We Rushing Franklin?


by UNC Senior | The Minor

CHAPEL HILL, NC — Wooo! Fuck yeah! 79-65, UNC baby! We just beat the number one team in the nation on their home court! That just happened. Michigan State can suck it!

Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! TAR… TAR… TAR… Up here, man! Fuck yeah, c’mon everybody!

Seriously though, are we rushing Franklin?

I mean, this is a big fucking deal, right? They were number one, and we’re unranked. When unranked teams beat number one teams on their home floor, it’s a big fucking deal.

I know we’re always supposed to be good, but this is a huge upset. I’m not saying we suck—well we have sort of been sucking this year—but, all things considered, this was a big, big game that we weren’t expected to win and we won.

It’s time to go crazy! I mean, what are we supposed to do?

When was the last win we had that was bigger than this? Really? Look, I’ve been here for almost four years now, and the only time we rushed Franklin was over spring break when none of us were here. I want to do it. We might not get a better chance than this. No, I mean, I do think we can beat Duke, but let’s enjoy this win for all it’s worth. C’mon guys!

Of course everyone is going to do it. I can hear a few people outside now. It’s LDOC, people are ready to go nuts anyway. If we lead, they’ll follow. Let’s go!

Oh alright, well if she’s driving. Shotgun, I guess. This is still fun. Yeah. Franklin.

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