After Success of “Zero Dark Thursday”, UNC Rowing Team Announces “Hotel Row-anda”


Chapel Hill, NC– Following the hype of “Zero Dark Thursday,” the UNC Athletic Department announced today that the Rowing Team’s October 25th home meet will be themed “Hotel Row-Anda.”

“A meet like this is big time, and this theme capitalizes on that,” said Bubba Cunninghman, UNC’s athletic director. “As with ‘Zero Dark Thursday,’ it’s all about setting the right tone with a pun on the name of an action-packed, Oscar-nominated movie.”

Students will be using the hashtag #ROWandanWINocide to promote the event.

One thought on “After Success of “Zero Dark Thursday”, UNC Rowing Team Announces “Hotel Row-anda”

  1. Really? You show a picture of a rowing team with a black person in it and suggest a pun on a movie about the massacre of black people is appropriate? Is there anyone in the diversity office or has it been abandoned? First a football game with students in black face and now puns about a massacre?SMH

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