Chubbies Announces Sponsorship of Kappa Sigma’s Wednesday Night Hazings

Chubbies Shorts sent the following press release to The Minor announcing their partnership with UNC’s chapter of Kappa Sigma:

Chubsters from East to West know what it means to bro out. Radical dudesters like the bros of Kappa Sig stand for everything we do: short shorts, good times and hazing. When you think fraternity, you should think Chubbies. You should think American flags, BBQs and elephant walks. We aren’t afraid to provide rad gear to young adults with too much of their parents’ money to spend, too much thigh to contain, and too much sexual confusion not to haze. The brothers of Kappa Sig have joined the revolution, and most pledge processes require that you will too.

Stay rad,

Team Chubbies

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