Election 2014: The Student Body President Candidates

As election season heats up, The Minor will have all the coverage as it breaks. Our Senior Intrepid Political Reporters,  Carly Burns and Bobbi Wood, are on the pulse of the story, with constant news updates on the politics shaping our campus.

Bobbi Wood and Carly Burns | The Minor

A few surprises this year, but not many, as student body president hopefuls are in the heat of gathering signatures. Most of us have known since Nikita’s sophomore year surge to the student government exec. board that’d she’d be the big hitter in this race. Emilio, the nominee from the Campus Y, has a strong base, but this race will test his ability to reach out across campus. Andrew Powell, who the wire had bowing out supporting Nikita earlier this semester, is right in the thick of things. Some wondered whether he had the chops, or would just slither away to some education nonprofit. Other contenders have a chance, but need to gain ground after starting slow by not planning every social interaction around running for SBP from the moment they entered Carolina. Here’s the need-to-know information about all the candidates.

Nikita Shamdasani


Strengths: Experienced in student government, Morehead-Cain scholar, Illuminati

Weaknesses: Many will write her off as a classic three B’er: bland, boring and bureaucratic

Key Platform Issue: With a partially crowdsourced platform, Nikita is already showing she understands a crucial facet of the SBP’s position: letting other people do all the work

Nickname: “The Scorpion”

Andrew Powell


Strengths: Experienced in student government, Morehead-Cain scholar, has catchiest theme song

Weaknesses: Some worry that Powell’s Catholicism could influence him to lead with the humility and kindness of Pope Francis

Key Platform Issue: Education reform fetish

Nickname: “Will Lindsey”

Blind Lemon Jefferson


Strengths: Father of the Texas Blues, known for his high soulful voice and unique guitar playing

Weaknesses: Got two white horses followin’ him, down to the river, lord

Key Platform Issue: Got a mad dog sergeant, honey, and he won’t knock off

Nickname: “Lightnin’ Hopkins Sr.”

Emilio Vicente


Strengths: Social justice

Weaknesses: Legal justice

Key Platform Issue: Amending Article V Section 4 of the Student Government Bylaws to require 15%, rather than 10%, of the Student Body to call for a ballot on any act of Student Congress through ballot measures

Nickname: “E-Trade Baby”

John Kerry


Strengths: Experience in legislative and executive branches of federal government, knowledge of international conflicts

Weaknesses: Tough loss in 2004 presidential election, has flip-flopped on issues in the past

Key Platform Issue: Dining fees

Nickname: “Sweetwater”

Winston Howes


Strengths: ConnectCarolina 2.0

Weaknesses: ConnectCarolina 2.0

Key Platform Issue: ConnectCarolina 2.0

Nickname: ConnectCarolina 2.0

Traffic Cone


Strengths: High visibility on campus

Weaknesses: Known to be a pushover when nudged

Key Platform Issue: Safety

Nickname: “Ol’ Kinderhook”

Manoj Mirchandani


Strengths: Getting to hear his name mentioned in election coverage

Weaknesses: Loves too fully, too deep

Key Platform Issue: Endorsing Nikita or Andrew next week

Nickname: “Big Schwasty”

Megan’s Profile Picture


Strengths: MEYOWWWWWW, girl GET it

Weaknesses: Ew, i’m lookin rough

Key Platform Issue: Faves, ow ow, i luv u so much

Nickname: “****#1flybitch****”

2 thoughts on “Election 2014: The Student Body President Candidates

  1. connect carolina 2.0 is no joke, Winston wants to get rid of all of unc’a shitty technology and he’s willing to code it himself. he also plans on opening up platforms so able students can contribute directly. I think he’s a candidate who would actually make some sweet contributions

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